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Call for Projects for Engineering With Nature®: An Atlas – Volume 2

Engineering With Nature®: An Atlas was released in the fall of 2018 and the response has been tremendous! So far, more than 1,000 hardcopies of the EWN Atlas have been distributed worldwide in addition to the large numbers of downloads of the electronic version of the EWN Atlas—and further distribution is planned. The project examples highlighted in the EWN Atlas illustrate the diverse opportunities and growing community of organizations and practitioners that are contributing to Engineering With Nature practice worldwide.

Due to the strong, positive response to the EWN Atlas, we are now actively planning the development of Volume 2 of the Atlas, where we plan to feature >50 new projects illustrating practice around the world. We are pleased to announce that Volume 2 of the EWN Atlas is planned for publication and release in fall 2020. We are requesting nominations of projects to include in Volume 2 in order to further illustrate the opportunities for EWN by communicating the diversity of projects, contexts, and organizations that are advancing worldwide progress in the field.

If you are interested in submitting a project for consideration, then please click on the highlighted link. You will be provided with a nomination form that offers specific instructions concerning the project information that is needed. A link to a completed form has also been provided and serves as an example for applicants to follow (one nomination form and associated pictures for each project). Our Atlas team will initially review the submissions to determine if the information provided is sufficient and complete. Final notification listing the projects selected to appear in Volume 2 will be made in spring 2020*.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Ms. Michelle Bourne by email at michelle.bourne@usace.army.mil or
Dr. Jeffrey King by email at jeffrey.k.king@usace.army.mil.

EWN An Atlas: Vol 2

Nomination Criteria: The project should relate to EWN key elements

clock icon 1. Using science and engineering to produce operational efficiencies.
wave icon 2. Using natural processes to maximum benefit.
circles icon 3. Increasing the value provided by the project to include social, environmental, and economic benefits.
handshake icon 4. Using collaborative processes to organize and focus interests, stakeholders, and partners.

*Due to the expected strong response to this call, variation in the nature/quality of submissions, and the need to show a diversity of project contexts and types, it will not be possible to include all submitted projects in Volume 2.

Engineering With Nature® An Atlas

There are 56 projects presented in volume I of the Atlas. The projects reveal the diversity of applications and benefits that can be achieved through Engineering With Nature. Please visit the Atlas Volume 1 page for more information.
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