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Proving Grounds

USACE Galveston District

The USACE EWN Leadership Team Conducted a successful 'proving ground' implementation workshop with the USACE Galveston District on 21-22 October 2014.

As a result, EWN principles and practices are realized in several beneficial use of dredged material projects and are potential opportunities for two large studies: the Houston Ship Channel Deepening and Coastal Texas.

EWN through Beneficial Use at Evia Island

The Houston-Galveston Navigation Channel improvement project was an excellent opportunity to restore some marsh losses in Galveston Bay by beneficially utilizing dredged material. The Evia Island project site created a 2,800 acre of marsh and 6 acre bird habitat mixture of scrub-shrub and wetland habitats for refuge and nesting capacity.

A quiescent lagoon has been incorporated with tidal flushing for foraging and rearing. In addition, rock armor provides algal substrate and crustacean habitat. National Marine Fisheries Service documented proof of ecosystem benefits and local community economic benefits. The project overall touches on each of the four EWN key elements and has become a diverse habitat in middle of an otherwise open water area.

Evia Island

Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study

The themes of Coastal Resilience, Natural and Nature-Based Features and EWN are being explored to support the USACE Galveston District integrated coastal protection and restoration.

Evia Island Birds